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  • For people who focus on what they have rather than what they lack.
  • For people who seek solutions instead of worrying about problems.
  •  For people who confront their weaknesses and make them their strengths.
  • For people who dare to swim upstream.
  • For people who only allow their reality and their endeavour to determine what they are capable of achieving.
  •  For the hundred people in this book and the hundreds who are not.
  • For people who are true to themselves. For everyone, always, FROM MY FEET TO YOUR MIND



Javier Hernández was born in Zaragoza on the 13th of June 1979. He arrived without arms and with asymmetric legs. From an early age, he decided to concentrate on what he had, rather than what he lacked, dedicating his time and effort to finding solutions instead of worrying about problems. In 2001, using only his head and his feet, he was able to graduate from the Autonomous University of Barcelona with a degree in Audiovisual Communication. Since then he has enjoyed a successful professional career as a sports journalist with the regional newspaper, El Heraldo de Aragón, the national sports daily, Diario As and the national radio stations Punto Radio and Radio Marca. He has also worked with the Aragon Association for People with Physical Disabilities.

He is the author of ‘El Hueso hasta la médula’ (‘The Bone to the Marrow’), the authorised biography of the Argentinean footballer player, Luciano Galletti. ‘From My Feet to Your Mind’ is his second published work. In 2012, after just three years of training and preparation, he qualified to compete in the London Paralympics where, quite remarkably, he managed to reach the final of the 50meters backstroke.

In 2014 Javier was licensed as a professional football coach by the Argentina Football Coaches Association. In that same year, he was awarded the Spanish Sports Federation’s Certificate in Sports Management. In March 2015, he became the third person in Europe to pass a driving test in an adapted vehicle that is controlled by the feet. His work as president of ‘From My Feet to Your Mind’ is underpinned by his life-philosophy and personal reality. He has led more than a hundred conferences and discussions on motivation and selfawareness, in business, sports, education and social contexts.

Author: Javier Hernández Aguirán

ISBN: 978-84-617-4485-5

Language: English

Format: 14’8 x 21 cms with full flap



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