Energy cannot be created, nor destroyed: it renews itself

Bester- Conferencia Javier Hernandez

Directors at Bester, a company based in Sevilla and considered a reference within the sector of renewable energy, wanted to be the first ones to enjoy the new path we have just opened together with Fundación Randstad: a collaboration agreement which will allow De los Pies a la Cabeza to reach and further inspire more and more places and people.

This very first experience turned out to be fully energizing… thanks to the connection and feedback it enabled. And, as one would expect in such an environment, it was renewable too. Following this very same path, a second action will take place before the end of 2018, in front of over 100 of the company Spanish branch employees, who will make a great audience.

Bester operates at United Kingdom, France, Bulgaria and Romania. And it has branches in both Asia and Africa. Since 2017, it has established itself in Mexico too.


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