The media impact of ‘From my feet to your mind’ has been formidable, even before it began. Now, through SigueMedia, it will use social networks.

Around 15 million people have seen, Heard and/or read the philosophy of life and the message that is being promoted by our Association. An Association that has always been committed to carrying out actions that act as an infallible test of its sustainable philosophy. Thus, there have been numerous reports and interviews in the immense majority of the main traditional national press, and even some abroad.

siguemedia marketing comunicación

Articles that either focused on an occasional and novel milestone or that were an invitation to take a stroll along the path we have travelled so far, a story of conquests and associated reflections.

Because the creators of this Association have a background in journalism it allows them to coordinate this department and not only through the invaluable professional relationship they had for 10 months with Pasarela Comunicación. Now a new phase has begun, the reins have been picked up again and SigueMedia will be working alongside us. They areexperts in social networks and they are a sure bet that together a successful new path can be found.

“Social networks have become the most widespread and most used channel of communication in recent years. Through them, diferent connecting links can be created: meeting places for people with the same interests. The objective of SIGUEMEDIA is to support ‘From my feet to your mind’ to create a link and interact with all those people interested in the same objectives; making known their aims and values as an Association and making them available to all”.

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