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“Javier Hernández is the main character of ‘L for Liberty, the story of an individual who has always lived without arms and now wants to drive with his feet”, says  Marc Guanyabens, the  Catalan filmmaker  and he goes on to explain that Javier has dared to transform this achievement – only achieved before by two people in all of Europe – into art, and moreover, to do so with absolute expertise.

“The main character adjusts the controls for the first time and faces the unstable climate of Bilbao: rain every day, the heaviest snowfall in 30 years… Although he also faces himself and the challenge of driving a total of 2,500 kilometres on highways and through cities.  For four weeks, he will have to learn to drive a car with his feet and at the same time, to manage his strength and to be persistent, even when things go wrong and he encounters dangerous curves.

‘L for Liberty’ is a little reflection of the life story of Javier, a constant struggle to be and to exist: the will to transform a hope into a challenge, the ability to live this challenge with great passion. His highway and his back roads are all recounted, one after the other. There is no room for concessions”.

“Washing his face, getting dressed and leaving home.  Getting into the car, taking off his shoes and accelerating.  And, of course, knowing when to brake when it is necessary.  The main character will try to be constant and not lose this hope that took him to Bilbao. On the road, anything can happen, but with Javier behind the steering wheel, we know that the direction and the destination are two constant values”.

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