It was in the warm afternoon of May 27th 2017, in front of the ever impressing Zócalo at Plaza de la Constitución in Mexico City, that the Benito Juárez Hall held the ceremony in which our president, Javier Hernández Aguirán, was distinguished as Doctor Honoris Causa. An award unanimously conceded by the Claustro Doctoral Iberoamericano and presented by its president, Dr. Arturo Cruz. On this year’s edition, endorsed by Dr. Gina Palacios, 20 more human beings were recognised by the Claustro, mostly mexicans boasting varied and truely admirable vital and professional backgrounds.

«The Honoris Causa is always a great honor, even though it never meant a cause to us. If anything, an unforeseen consequence of the universal cause around which De los Pies a la Cabeza gravitates and projects itself: be our possible best; aspire to the best version of ourselves and always explore our own limits; strive to achieve our best and do our best to achieve it; promote and search for real success; always try to do things even if we don’t succeed in doing them… rather than not trying just in case we don’t get them… Failure is beatiful, we whould give it the deserved credit and appreciate it as the best possible guidance in the path towards victory. Feel the fear and face it in order to free ourselves from it; live our reality, not against it neither taking the advantage off it; optimize what each one of us have and stop thinking about what we lack; allow time to find solutions, not to revolve around problems… Take choices, keep brave and do not fool ourselves by thinking we fear death, when life is what we really are afraid of. Let us live through and through, from head to toe. With a cause, and with honor.»

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