• Modernize the global vision about and of persons of diversity of any nature, still in black and white in most countries of the world, and turn it into a cutting-edge vision; with a firm commitment to human harmony at all levels, understanding our lives us as an opportunity and not as a threat, always placing the emphasis on what unites us, thus achieving social cohesion that can only reinforce our vitality, both individually and collectively.
  • Strengthen self-esteem of the person, protecting him/her from episodes of confusion and lack of direction which can be highly damaging and are identifiable in the most diverse latitudes and inherent to our current moment in history: the world we live in is full of mirrors but with possibly few healthy reference points. The freedom of each individual can be nurtured for his or her own existence.
  • Encouragement in finding happiness and meaning in life in action and decision-making.  Sharing the conviction that what is never attempted is much more destructive than what is not achieved, and concluding in the need to be courageous, because, if the end of all people is written, we will only be differentiated by the beauty and authenticity of the path we decide to take.
  • Aspire to build a better world, happier and more just, encouraging the internal passion of each individual so as not to give up and in this way, attain their own excellence as a human being.  “From head to foot”.
  • Show others  and ourselves that only that which is not attempted is impossible, that we are always capable of much more than we imagine and that, potentially, the greatest limitation is always in the negative orders that may be dictated to each of us by our own minds.
  • No person and no collective will be, a priori, outside the radius of action of this Association and of its social labour if they so desire.


  • Globalize the model of motivational conference ‘From My Feet to Your Mind’, where all the messages and reflections stated in this section are explained and developed, under the heading:  Aims of the Association.
  • Project our own audio-visual material aligned with these same coordinates described on the foregoing page, as well as generating and participating in publications aligned with the aims of this Association.
  • Include the message in video forum sessions and in photography exhibitions, also of own production, that frame and channel the 360º philosophy, that here we aim to disseminate: ‘L of Liberty’ and ‘Footnotes’ serve as current examples.
  • Design and lead new challenges that serve to continue showing and fostering, from the empirical, the general guidelines of the proposed philosophy.
  • Practice any sports activity or activity linked to sport that fosters this spirit and/or collaborates in developing a more cutting-edge view of the same, as is articulated in a modern and healthy society.
  • Perform all those tasks which are linked to the main one, such as generating content in the media and which  serve to give range and scope to the Association, produce new audio-visual material and update and give visibility to  the already existing material, explain and share the activities that are generated under the framework of the Association in social networks and  Internet.
  • Organization of conventions, forums, workshops and/or competitions of all types and any format that are aligned with any or all of the aims and values  that  ‘From My Feet to Your Mind’ aspires to, thus contributing to its optimal dissemination among people.

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