Convert weaknesses into strengths

from my feet to your mind

Let’s start with the usual tenet: by nature we are imperfect. And from there let’s go down the usual path: let’s force ourselves to be only as imperfect as nature made us. This is where the heart of the question lies. Let’s aspire to become the best version of ourselves and then live with that. Each person with their own, because for them that must be the best possible one. This peak must be reached by ascending from each side and one of the main ways would be to try and convert one -or even some – of the weaknesses into so far unthought of and vital strengths.

The majority of our strong and weak points are detected when we are young. And the majority of them are due to circumstances. More than detected they are pointed to in the most literal sense of the word. A person being submitted to trial is tied to his weakness. Humans are animals and as a result the initial diagnosis that is made turns into a judgement (made in the same way as that of a summary trial) that will never be overturned. Unless that is that the victim, with great patience, is determined to put this into doubt and to resort to reality itself to reveal the truth – which might be the same, slightly different or completely the opposite to the judgement passed. It is always worth using the resource of never taking anything for granted without verifying it oneself as many times as is necessary.

It is not unusual to be one’s own biggest censor. Without listening to what others say to you, even though this is favourable, and without the need for anyone else´s opinion. These are internal sensations which if not treated with alacrity turn into fixed beliefs and nearly always limiting beliefs. It doesn’t matter how exact and real they can be, because as such, they become absolute. Science would not accept them and would put them to the test, to see if they were empirical, but we don´t tend to be very empirical with ourselves, and even less with our supposed weaknesses.

It doesn’t matter how exact and real they can be because, as such, they become absolute Clic para tuitear

From this bench where all can judge and be judged, and from the legitimacy that comes with giving informed consent, we encourage you to stand up to our apparent weaknesses and try and turn them around. Only in this way can someone who until a few years ago had stage fright be able to give 90 conferences in three years.


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