Dora, exploring Logroño

Logroño is a city to discover and stay. One whole day, not less. And so we did last february 22nd, taking the advantage of a new event set on an educational environment at La Rioja’s capital: a double header act for De los Pies a la Cabeza, which motivational conference will very soon hit its 100th edition.

First, in our morning date we met 120 students from the 1st grade of Bachiller at the Marianistas School in Logroño. A group which inmediately connected and kept focused on our proposal, even though it was set to a reduced format and maybe they might have expected something different. It wasn’t an obstacle and they fully engaged to the speak, which will hopefully help them through a period of their lives full with constructive decisions to be made.

In the afternoon, we moved to the events hall at the Compañía de María School, where the AMPA had organized and gathered a more varied audience. That diversity reinforced our confirmed feeling that this conference appeals to everyone. There lies its real power.

Let us use this last paragraph and our whole second appearance in Logroño to recognize a very special person attending the event: Dora. She was my teacher when I was 9 years old (in my 4th year at EGB) at the very Compañía de María School in Zaragoza. Almost 30 years on, life came to unexpectedly cross our paths again. She still keeps herself young and in the best of shapes… Same as our conference, or so they say.

Conferencia motivacional delospieslacabeza Logroño


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