Feet first

Podoactiva educar con los pies

You always walk better with Podoactiva: stepping firmly and leaving a track. A reality more than 20 years old now, having been born in 1994 as a small podiatry consultation in Huesca; then collecting recognitions and making professional alliances on the highest level, both national and internationally, all through the last decade.

It was there where last Friday March 23rd a new edition of our motivational conference ‘De los pies a la cabeza’ took place: on the occasion of an annual internal convention that gathered a hundred professionals come from all over Spain. As anybody could have easily anticipated, there happened the perfect pairing of these two realities, both always ready to go feet first. A matching as precise as is the groundbreaking technology of the 3D insoles (3D Scan Sport Podoactiva®) with which Podoactiva is leading the industry since 2006.

The event as a whole, and our conference in particular, took place at the events hall on the lower floor of the Félix de Azara building, at Walqa’s Technological Park in Huesca.

Podoactiva educar con los pies


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