Kiwa certifies 2016, our Year 1 as an Association

We could not think of a better way to certify our first year as an Association (De los Pies a la Cabeza was actually born in January 2016) than doing it with the employees of Kiwa’s Spanish branch: a company dedicated and devoted to the quality control and certification in the agricultural sector. Juan Cardona is the head chief for Spain and Latin America of this organization, originally set up in Valencia but now part of a bigger machinery established in Netherlands. And he was too the person inviting De los Pies a la Cabeza to dictate its model of conference to an audience of 50 plus proffesionals, comprising Kiwa’s employees and partners. This surprise activity took place at the Salon Celeste of the most welcoming Hotel Barceló in Valencia.

We felt we really made the grade in their record which, considering Kiwa’s proffesional criteria, we regard as a guarantee of quality. Thus we have put and end to the fourth year of life of our conference model: a very much evolved one if we look back to our first experiences in the spring of 2013, but still keeping an unchanged spirit and gathering the same warm receptions. The count comes up now to 88 appearances in front of some 13.000 people, having visited many different cities in Spain as well as a small village in Argentina, back in September 2014. The growing feeling is we face a future packed with new exciting opportunities, human beings to meet and reach. In that sense, 2016 has been a pivotal year for us; highly demanding in terms of internal work to reinforce our team structure and thus being able to optimize whatever is up on the road. Here and across the seas. Always more and better. From our feet to your mind.


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