Knocking down walls, side by side with our members


Next 16th December De los Pies a la Cabeza will have the privilege to visit Madrid IV Penitentiary Facilities in Navalcarnero. There we will invite the inmates to join in a new edition of our motivational conference… although this time there will be something really special about it: this will be an action made possible by the contribution of our enthusiastic members.

A few weeks ago we launched what we called ‘Member’s Action 2017’: an invitation for them to choose amongst three different options which materialization would be supported thanks to their annual fidelity and backing. Navalcarnero was the most voted of the three choices so there we will in a month’s time, headed by our president Javier Hernández Aguirán.

Our conference has already surpassed the one-hundred mark. And this is going to be the second time De los Pies a la Cabeza sets foot in a prison, after the inspiring experience we lived in Alcalá-Meco last January. Such opportunities make for very special occasions. Visiting Navalcarnero further underlines the cross-cutting nature of our proposal, which gets to its full meaning in a scenery where you face exclusion in its most radical form: confinement, deprivation of liberty.


De los Pies a la Cabeza will once again knock-down the walls and throw away all the tags: the drive we get from our membership turns the association in a vehicle to transmit an integrating impulse, which emerges from society and aims to all and each one of its members. Without distinctions nor exceptions. From all of us to all of us and with all of us.

Our growing presence in social action environments -to work in favour of prevention, inclution and insertion- was one of the association’s strategic axes set for this year. We are already walking that path, searching and giving shape to partnerships which make such a challenge both possible and sustainable. In doing so, it is hugely special for us having signed this alliance with our inner core: our membership.

It is counting on them that we are currently working to put in place what will be our first ‘Members’ Day’: in the coming months, the association will hold a gathering in Zaragoza with all those willing to come along. An opportunity to give account of our past and future activities and plans, share ideas and projects, and also make De los Pies a la Cabeza’s members the direct beneficiaries of our message.

It will be as well a much awaited opportunity for them to exclusively watch ‘L for Liberty’, the documentary filmed by Marc Guanyabens which tells the day-to-day experiences Javier Hernández went through to obtain his full driving license with the feet.

We won’t forget all those members living away from Zaragoza. It is our aim to also set similar actions for them, when our schedule takes us around their area.

We want to reach further and count more and more people on. People like the ones who make our membership. People who share our conviction that every step forward means achieving a fairer society, one which counts on everyone of us and encourages every single person to his fulfilment.


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