Let’s learn to learn

from my feet to your mind

Our model of motivational conference starts off with the collection of photos ‘Footnotes’, a work by Alfonso Reyes, and with the first confession of Javier Hernández as he comes on stage: “I can do everything that you have just seen because it is possible”. From this moment on you don’t know what to expect on stage and this is important. We won’t go into details here because we want you to participate in an event and discover for yourself.

Learning is always necessary even up to the last day. Life is an opportunity to do this and right from the first day. Learning is a life defining act, tied up with living and being alive. It produces uncertainty and can give us vertigo because the next challenge is always the most demanding and unknown, but accomplishing this pushes us spiritually and emotionally much further than even our most favourable forecasts.

If we let ourselves become metaphysical for a moment (which is always a good idea from time to time), learning is food for the soul. “Sometimes you need to learn even when you don´t have anyone nearby to teach you properly”, says Javier and he goes on: “I have always been lucky enough to have someone by my side but it doesn’t matter if you are alone or accompanied there are some learning processes which you need to do alone. Sometimes you will not or will not be able to have a person giving you a demo to start you off. How can I put toothpaste on a toothbrush with my feet? How can I clean my glasses or write with a pen using my feet? And similarly”. There are many more tasks, often less physical and extreme, but all of them can be taken as an example.

At times, actually more and more in this world which is advancing so fast and that requires constant professional and even personal development, continuing to learn goes further than being a virtue and turns into a need. It doesn´t matter how much we have already learnt. Let´s do it. Let’s learn to keep learning forever.


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