Madness under control at the Juana de Castilla institute

conferencias colegios institutos

The Juana de Castilla secondary public institute, at Pavones neighbourhood in Madrid, proved to be an excellent starting point for our cycle of conferences in the social and education fields. Supported by Fundación Grupo Norte, our Association is to develop this new project throught the coming week and months, always under the flagship of our model of conference for-all.

Some one hundred students from the above mentioned centre fully inmersed themselves in our story, something truly remarkable given it was their last school hour of the week… and they were up to receive their trimester’s grades, just afterwards. Around one hundred people attended the event in a space with a considerably lower capacity, but neither these conditions dimmed the eficiency and attention gathered by the activity. Hopefully it should be just the first of many blessed and controlled madness of the like.

conferencias colegios institutos


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