Make your fears afraid of you

from my feet to your mind

Now that these editorial posts –this mixture of ideology, philosophy and raison d’être of our Association “From My Feet to Your Mind”- have reached a dozen editions, it is clear that our aspiration is to rescue individuals as the only means to liberate the collective. Look for answers and paths within yourself and above all be brave.

Basic courage is considered to be more of an act of recklessness than an asset, however the most reckless thing we can do is to not allow ourselves to be brave. We can fear death but we do not deserve to be afraid of life.

We can fear death but we do not deserve to be afraid of life. Clic para tuitear

Those who are on the verge of death and are given a few hours to live through it tends to be plagued with a regret. Regret of not having attempted to do more, of not having taken more decisions or not having taken more steps forward. Basically they regret not having lived more. Perhaps It is the best legacy that can be handed down to those of us who are still here for a while and nobody knows for how long.

Being brave does not mean being irresponsible. It is quite the opposite. Courage requires responsibility. And, at the same time, one of our biggest responsibilities to ourselves and to others, is to be courageous. To suffer from fears it is not necessary to have a socially recognised disability. Every human being, whoever they are and whatever they are like, knows this feeling and lives with it. They say that fear is free and paradoxically it is in this supposed freedom where the person is locked up. Fear makes this person its prisoner.

Fears can be defeated, and all are to a greater or lesser extent. But no fear if it is authentic can be overcome without time and effort. This standoff against one’s own fears needs to be played out time and time again without faltering. There is no giant explosion to split open the rock into which fear is turned, it is impossible to accomplish this in just one go. Only with a long series of one to one confrontations can we undermine it and rid ourselves of it. The effectiveness is almost total if this process is stuck to. Despite the hard times it gives those who undertake it, like that of doubting oneself and of feeling that the goal is totally unattainable.
And once it is … the fears that still might haunt you, start to shiver and shake … They know that you know what to do. You can now overcome them. All of them.


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