To provide the development of resilience and individual empowerment as a basic instrument to improve everyone’s integral health, and to let ourselves be seen as authentic social beings, equal in our diversity and generators of a fair and kaleidoscopic society.


  • Live with our reality. Never against it nor from it.
  • Focus on what pulls us together without hiding what makes us different.
  • Optimize what we have and not magnify what is missing.
  • Let us explore our full potential and be brave above all.
  • The future of us all depends on each one of us… And we all need to know this.
  • Stop looking at each other in order to start seeing each other.


  • RESPONSIBILITY: The first step needs to be taken by the individual.  Without this, progress cannot be made.
  • COURAGE: Take purposeful steps, walking firmly so that we leave an everlasting footprint.
  • COMMITMENT: Not ignore the things that will make us a better society.
  • PERSONAL AND SOCIAL PROGRESS: Skip commonplaces to set foot on untraversed land.

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