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De los pies a la cabeza

Javier was born without arms in a world designed to have them. A whole narrative could be sustained just on his unique adaptability and on a mere walk through his achievements: Paralympic diploma in London 2012; the third european to get an official adapted driving licence; a qualified football manager by the Argentine Football Federation; and, since 2001, sports journalist. But he looks further on. Perhaps because he always had to. In truth, Javier always did everything along with everyone. From his very first day at primary school up until today. Most of the time, he would do it with his feet, while the others would use their hands. But along with them, no matter what.

Issues and topics developed in our speech model

  • THE HUMAN INSIDE THE SO-CALLED HEROE: the speech sets out from Javier’s reality, through some explicit videos which show his adaptation to a world designed to have a pair of arms. But soon the speech shifts the focus from the individual towards the universal. It is thought for all of us. Regardless of how we are.
  • OWNING THE MESSAGE: Here we work some thoughts aimed to connecting with every person in the audience, thus stressing our model’s prime interest: motivation and self-affirmation, not admiration or exhibitionism.
  • FACE THE MIRROR, BE YOUR BEST SELF: Now that every person in the audience is the real center of the message, it is time to appeal to personal, and social, optimization.

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