On top of a crane of emotions

conferencia hiab

Skin still remains sensitive, 24 hours after one of the most powerful experiences De los Pies a la Cabeza has known since it was born, four years back. A penitentiary center must have been one of the very few settings where our proposal of life had not arrived yet. But it may never leave the place now. It is hard to get prison out of you, once you’ve entered into it; doesn’t matter if it’s been only for a few hours, to fulfill an activity as welcome as this one was. The ‘invisibles’ had gathered there, to pack the hall, to see and be seen, to listen and to be listened. For there is a great deal of truth inside those walls; and they positively acknowledged that, once truth dares to go in from outside, they never forget the occasion.

HIAB España wrote the next page on this book that is now reaching a hundred pages. And it was, as it’s been said, the day after our visit to the Respect Unit in Alcalá-Meco prison. HIAB is an international Company, british in origin and present in a number of countries all around the five continents. Being the leading supplier of equipment for on road cargo-handling, loading cranes are their star product, together with recycling cranes, forest cranes and forklift trucks.

Zaragoza holds head office for the company in Spain and 20 of its proffesionals were served an unannounced edition of our inspiring conference. Once more, connection with the audience worked smoothly from the go, and dragged on afterwards into a very enriching discussion.


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