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Living from head to feet (or from my feet to your mind) means balancing various aspirations. Although just one of them could seem to be enough. “During a good part of my training to compete as a swimmer at the London Paralympic Games, which I started in 2009 when I was 30 years old and not only without having ever trained before but taking into consideration the mental and physical challenge demanded by the Games, I decided to put into action another personal test. This was born of several decades of non-stop playing with a football: I decided to train and qualify as a professional football trainer” says Javier Hernández Aguirán – the founding President of our Association. “For me, sports in general and football especially, have been a synonym of various learning processes – which we will develop in an impersonal way in the next editorial posts – and have given me a lot of pleasure. I’d especially like to highlight the social side of the sport. It made me feel just one more on the pitch and this infected the rest of the team to feel the same about me. I got used to being with friends and to discovering that nothing can nurture you quite like this. I also understood that in a team – in any kind of team – everyone fits and each individual enriches the group”.

I felt just one more on the pitch and this infected the rest to feel the same, said Javier Clic para tuitear

Javier qualified as a professional trainer with the Argentine Football Federation in 2014 after two demanding training courses and a final week of examinations in Buenos Aires in September of the same year. There he met Enrique Borrelli, an ex-professional football player in charge of the technical evaluation of the students. “Even though we had been made aware beforehand of his situation, my first feeling when I met him was of surprise and admiration. I’m not particularly emotional by nature and I confess that at that first moment I had a double take, but I made myself focus on what was in front of me and find a solution to the difficulties that I thought there would be having to examine him on a subject where movement and mobility are vital on the playing field. It ended up being an unforgettable experience for me and not at all complicated. There was nothing that needed to be adapted, Javier adjusted seamlessly to the general demands. There is no doubt that he is capable of training any football team. He has a very strong and positive mind as well as being intellectually very capable”.
These statements come from an extract of the biography ‘De los pies a la cabeza”. Javier also received the title of Sports Director from the Royal Spanish Football Federation in 2015.


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