What moves us is what unites us

350 students from the 1st year of High School and the 3rd and 4th grades of Secondary at the San Pablo School attended a new edition of the conference series promoted by the ‘Lo que nos mueve’ Association for the education sector, this time with Javier Hernández as the speaker.

It was a new appearance of the centenary empowering conference by De los Pies a la Cabeza, always calling for everyone’s committment to strive for their best selves, and firmly believe that our future as a whole lies in the hands of everyone of us as individuals. Everybody should be aware of this. These convictions are a cut-out of the messages and reflections around which our appearances revolve. They seem specially substantial and effective when put forward to an audience of youngsters, still protected by the educational and familiar system, not forced to make their own decisions and live up to them, to be creative, audacious and brave.

The goal should be boosting individuality as a treasure, in order to enrich the group, instead of allowing an imposing colectivity to roll over and threaten all those little things that single out every individual. More and more often, it is in cycles as this one when we realise that the things which move us are precisely the ones which bring us together.


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