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Only in the light of our best version as human beings can we aspire to improve our collective version as a whole. When you compete against yourself and not against the others; when you dare and push yourself to explore your own limits. For it doesn’t matter where those limits are. The only important thing is to reach them. And when each one of us gets there, the rest will work as a complement. That is the reason why we live in a society: to be an opportunity for others, not a suspicion. And that is why we must live and interact with everyone else: only through coexistence do many certainties take their full meaning; and do so many taboos reveal themselves so difficult to understand.


De los pies a la cabeza motivates and educates through identification with its messages. To achieve that, it does not use dramatic arguments or emotional blackmailing. This is not about a guy with no arms who does things you’ll never be able to do. On the contrary, it is about what you do with your circumstances… whether you are disabled or not. About all those things youdon’t do, in which you dont’ believe or you don’t give a thought to… even though you are perfectly capable to.


No doubt, not having arms is an inconvenient. But it should not be taken as a merit on itself because Nobody gives you the chance to make a choice on being born with arms or without them. Sometimes both things get mixed up.If anything, merit comes with the progress you are able to make in life, whatever the tools you have at your disposal. It is like that for all of us, people or companies: nobody is born perfect. Since he was a child, he was learnt to lead his greatest enterprise, his own life, exploring his own limits and reaching his best performance everywhere. That should be our goal as a company and, there, Javier is a world-wide reference.


Nobody could either foresee what fate held for Javier when he decided to pursue a swimming career at the age of 30, and set himself the goal of a Paralympic final… But he got there only three and a half years later. An unprecedented achievement in modern times: starting off at such a late age, getting there in such a short period of time, in such a core discipline in the Olympic world. But he made it…How was he able to? Because he unhesitatingly undertook the challenge. 
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