The Association ‘From My Feet to Your Mind’ was registered in February of 2016 in the city of Zaragoza. Its first and current Board of Directors is comprised of Javier Hernández Aguirán (President), Pablo Toboso Alonso (Treasurer) and Alfonso Reyes Luna (Secretary). is now Association, it is conference, it is as well an emotional intelligence workship, a photo exhibition, a short documentary and… a philosophy of life. Philosophy plus action, since one needs the other to have a real, contagious effect. May it be to touch ground, if action is to complement the thought; or to take off, if it goes the other way round. But, above all, De los pies a la cabezais a journey which swings from Javier Hernández Aguirán’s skills using his feet to type this text at over 200 beats per minute,to the minds of everyone of us now reading it. And over 15.000 people who in the last few years already had the occasion to hear him and be motivated by his words. See more here: we believe in a society that maximizes every individual to maximize us all as a whole. It will not be an easy task, that we know for sure.We are aiming here to change the flow of a river. To take awareness of the great big paradox: we are all flawed and, because of that, we are naturally able to do much more than we think or the rest assumes about us. There are not bigger obstacles than fear and prejudice, innate o inoculated; doesn’t matter whether the person in question suffers from a socially recognised disability or not. And at the same time there is no better way to go through life than facing the challenges, addressing your own ghosts, and getting freed from them.

We can’t tell how long this is gonna take, but we feel this is the right path to turn the future into today. We could focus on the feet and what comes through the eye. It would be way easier… but so unnecessary. In that case there would be no progress, no growth, from head to toe.


Professional Experience

  • 2013/until today: MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER

    ‘From My Feet to Your Mind’
    100 editions with a total audience of 15,000. An innovative and inspiring talk which has successfully motivated people nationally and internationally.


    Founding President of this Aragonese swimming club for people with and without disabilities.


    Member of the Spanish Paralympic selection in London 2012 in 50 m backstroke, 50 m breaststroke, and 150 m medley.


    Heraldo de Aragón, Diario As and Fundación DFA
    Sports writer at the newspapers Heraldo de Aragón and Diario As. Supervisor of the communications office at the Fundación DFA.

Additional Studies

  • 2011/2014

    Certified by the Argentine Association of Football Coaches (2011- 2014) and by the Royal Spanish Football Federation (2014), respectively.

  • 2015/2015

    Official course certified by Aecop España, directed by Juan Carlos Cubeiro and Irene Martínez, and held at the Esic Business & Marketing School.

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Born in...

Born in Zaragoza, Spain, on June 13th, 1979

Bachelor’s degree in...

Communication Sciences. UABarcelona 2001

Sporting achievements

Paralympic Diploma in London 2012

90% disability

Armless and leg asymmetry

Driving licence (2015)

the 3rd person to obtain this in Europe

Typing speed

220 KPM with toes on any keyboard.

A certified B2 level in English

Cambridge FCE

‘Exemplary Citizen of Zaragoza’ and ‘Valores Sports Prize 2012’

Zaragoza y Premio Valores Deporte 2012

Author of two books

‘The Bone to the Marrow’ (L. M. Galletti)

‘From My Feet to Your Mind’ (J. Hdez. Aguirán)


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