A final voice at Vocento

conferencia CMVOCENTO delospiesalacabeza

This time, our conference didn’t have the desired time for interaction with the audience. It was set in the framework of a very intense internal convention, in a highly recommended hotel in the city of Aranjuez outskirts. And by the end of the conference we could almost hear our returning train blowing in the distance for an early departure: well, the train was in Atocha, but we still keep an acute hearing.

There’s always time for some interaction, nonetheless. And so it was while we fastly gathered all our stuff. One of the commercial agents in a group exceeding 70 people felt compelled to ask: “How do you keep yourself always in good spirit?”. A very frequent question, that is. Really, I have no clue. In fact, I don’t think I get it… neither do I try to. Life should be a mixture of swinging sensations and experiences.

What you really want is to be determined and keep courageous all the time, to never give up. Always look on no matter what and no matter who comes your way. Most of what you experience in life will depend on not letting yourself go; and on keeping committed to be the main player of your own existence, as far as it is possible. Let us live from head to toe, shaking not stirred bravery and responsibility. Because both life and each one of us deserve so. That is the meaning of the whole thing. So, don’t miss it, even when it may go down.


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