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from my feet to your mind

We’re late but let’s go to the kitchen – that’s where everything is prepared. The kitchen of our lives is normally that of our childhood. What you have lived and how you have done it marks the passing of the years in a way that is difficult to correct, above all if the direction is not the right one. We can put the spotlight on a defect that will highlight what we are talking about, but we are going to focus on a surplus… which in the end comes to much the same thing. We are going to talk about overprotection, in this case parents overprotecting children.

Previously it was thought that parents overprotected their children who were born with a disability or who acquired one. In the last few years, the feeling has been that this overprotection has got even more generalised and now affects the majority of parents and children. This editorial stems from the careful and delicate assumption that this concept is very subjective and that each person has the right to draw the line where they wish, according to their own sensibility. This is of course accepted but even also commended because the society of the future will only be a brave society if it is taught to be. Both the future and society need this.

Javier’s education was not only brave but dedicated and honest. Today he is steering the recently born Association along its first steps in the same way. He is like this because his parents were like this. Brave, dedicated and honest. As our philosophy proclaims, they chose to live with their reality and not go against it, focusing on what they had and not on what was missing. They spent time looking for solutions rather than tiring themselves out with problems. And the centre of gravity turned out not to be negotiable: do everything with everyone. Almost always with feet when everyone else was using their hands. But with them all. Always. They also encouraged flight, even though there didn’t seem to be any wings. They would be there for anything that was needed, but only for the necessary. In other words, before thinking about asking for their help when unable to do something he had to have previously tried it himself.

The future of everyone should be based on an education which gives protection by encouragement not by holding people back. And on harmony as long as there is the smallest opportunity. Because life later – outside the home and outside the classroom – is going to mean living in harmony and flying. Even if you don’t think you have wings.


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