Live with your reality and not against it

from my feet to your mind

Prepositions advocate and prejudice. Perhaps they ought to be learnt in a spiritual order rather than the traditional alphabetical one, although sometimes these will coincide. It is not the same to live with as to live against, neither is it the same to live in as to live of. They advocate and prejudice to the contrary, the same happens with live as with any other verb that you choose. You will see.

The reality of each person is individual and cannot be transferred, even though we are all trying to build together a society where it seems we are trying to mimic as much as possible and where we tend to isolate those who don’t follow the transient trends of each moment. Going back to the reality of each person, as it is individual and not really transferable, we nearly always have more influence over that which we have to live than that what we are made to do and usually end up believing.

Here, we predict living with and in with the legitimacy that we have been granted emerging from the trail of Javier Hernández Aguirán, who was born without arms in 1979 in a world that is very much designed to have them and very little prepared for those who don’t. And, above all, with that which legitimises his growing CV which for years has been what you do enables you to overcome what you are.

As extreme as is his case and being the direct opposite to the vast majority of the population, it is essential that differences are not overseen. He himself has made sure of this right from the beginning both at a personal and professional level. And now is doing so, thanks to the voice that this Association has given him. We still believe that the most important or serious thing is what stands out, which is actually the most superficial and both concepts – important and superficial – rarely coincide. Of course being born without arms and with one leg shorter than the other is a quite obvious discomfort and has meant the need for constant adaption since birth. But this shouldn’t be more worthy of merit, as is still believed, than that of people without physical drawbacks – visible or not – who have to live with more debts either financial or of another kind. Let’s learn to look at ourselves and we will see more than the superficial side of life. You will see.


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