Focus on what you have

The headline is a false friend. You choose it because it wraps up the whole sense of the text but you know that it won’t do justice to the text until more lines have been read. And the worst of all, is that the reader can be dissuaded to continue and think that exercises in conformism and resignation will be put forward. This is a risk that is run because it is the risk that is being posed: take a risk not focusing on what we are lacking but on what we have. This risk must be taken in a daring way, inviting the reader to optimise each potential drop of themselves without letting any drop get away.

To clear this up before we go on to write more. It is the obligation of each one of us – and this should be underlined – to make ourselves achieve 100% of our potential, whatever that might be. Each person has their own limit and it makes no difference where this is. The only thing that is important – wherever the limit may be – is that it is reached. It is necessary to reach it not with external encouragement but with the absolute conviction – and in order to harmonise our lives – that here can be found a good dose of the pure happiness of a person.

It is still necessary to make clear that you don´t need to have a disability to be able to feel that what is missing deserves more attention than what we have. There is no mechanism more universal than that of imperfection, all of us are in some way imperfect – sometimes we are more so than at other moments. Depending on which hemisphere we focus on, we will end up being one way or another. It is legitimate to regret what we don’t have or what we haven’t been given but that everyone else seems to have, or to regret that we don’t have a talent for something, or to regret where we haven’t been lucky, but this is not a good idea. Regret only trips us up and wounds us. A sigh pushes us forward but more than one sigh stops us.

Not having arms in a world designed for living with them is of course a big loss. And I’m sure that this is a good enough reason for more than one sigh. But it is just here – in the same way it occurs in our lives – that a crossroads appears. Stumble and come up against what you don’t have or continue forward with what you do have. And there, just as always, despite opinions, advice, pressure, resistance and other external vectors, the final decision – the real one – is taken by oneself. From my feet to your mind.


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