Why ‘From my feet to your mind’?

from my feet to your mind

From My Feet to Your Mind is the association which has sprung from the events which have always been a way of life.  The name is not a coincidence as it never should be of course.  Here it refers to a journey which represents the essence of ourselves – that which goes from the feet of one person to the minds of all.  From what is clearly defined to the abstract, from what is evident to what is necessary…and still pending. A journey which can last just one hour or a whole lifetime if we choose to take this route into what is left of our future. The future is eternal and the path is infinite. The path does not lead us to the objective because the objective is actually the path itself.

These feet belong to Javier Hernández Aguirán, who is our alpha rather than our omega, the ideologist and the association´s founding president who was born without arms in Zaragoza (Spain) in 1979.  His route map can be found here: https://www.delospiesalacabeza.org/en/who-are-we-from-my-feet-to-your-mind/.   But even more than just his feet, the kilometre zero of this message is the skill that he has developed with them. This is not mere exhibitionism.  Here, there is something personal meaningful that each member of the audience can reflect on.  At the centre of the stage is the receiver of the message who can identify and make the message a part of their life.  On looking at themselves in the mirror they will be better and happier.

With these weekly editorial posts – of which today´s is the first –  we will introduce and present ourselves as an Association.  After this introductory article, the following will expand upon the different reflections which we project at our events and which make us different, much more different than our circumstances make us. These are differences which actually unite us all.  Our Association is here to do just that – join us. Philosophy and action or vice versa.  You can´t separate certain things: they need to go together.

Calderón – the seventeenth century Spanish poet and writer – said life is a dream. Despite being dreamers ourselves, we think that life is a journey.  A journey that will be taken in time rather than in steps.  It doesn´t matter if your body accompanies you or not – the boarding card is for your mind and soul.  If we can help others to do this then life will have been a dream for us.

From my feet to your mind.


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