Let’s care about therapy

conferencia grupo norte

Pedagogy, or at least the mere activity of sharing our thoughts, might well be a good manner of group therapy. We should care about it, all the more in a society that feeds on its own momentum and might end up run over by its very own speed. A circular dizziness that does not pay up for the effort, like a hamster running endlessly within its wheel.

Being a place devoted to intelect and keen on giving the opportunity for pause and reflection, a university still appears as one of the most attractive places to do this kind of exercise. Even in days like these, so close to the year’s final exams. On this occasion -number 99 since our first appearance at Barcelona’s Talent Institute in January 2013- we did it at the Universidad Católica de Valencia, within the framework of a conference about ‘Disability and everyday life’, in front of half a hundred students from the Occupational Therapy grade.

The course, very active and practical driven, boasts a workshop equipped with cutting-edge material and adaptations. Wish our association grows big enough in the near future to endorse such great assets in the form of a scholarship.


conferencia grupo norte


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