Motivating parents, educating their children


Back from a highly productive visit to the City of Mexico, the Santa Teresa school in Calahorra called upon us to take part in their Days of Sport, Culture and Family, organised by the Fathers and Mothers Association, which joined forces with the school and the Fundación Escuela Teresiana. An academic and familiar setting in which our model of motivational conference takes full meaning.


There can’t be a more stimulating and challenging task than training and educating our kids. Always looking at this goal: to shape up persons equipped with the necessary critical sense and an integrity to thrive on the challenge of reaching the best possible version of themselves. And then spread that boost into society. The message lying under our conference aims precisely at those goals. And so, parents and a good number of children turned up to listen to what we had to say in Calahorra. We will always be glad to greet youngsters and kids to our presentations, but once again we cared to underline the need for adults to really be the first to assume our message and turn it into an enduring guideline, not spoiled by oblivion or lack of use.

We believe in our young people and the need to empower them. We believe indeed in their ability to grow as persons full with motivations, curiosities, desires and the energy needed to fulfil them. Our boys and girls need to be protected, yes, but they also and so importantly need to be delivered the boost to become the main players of their own lives. That is why we stress our conviction that it is parents who can really give its full meaning to our conference, turning it into a very handy tool. A tool to instil education and personal growth in our young people. In this so frequently confusing world we’re living in, parents must become the first and ablest influencers to their children.


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