Otis and their inside lift


Given the fact that manufacturing and installation of lifts make their business, managers at Otis Zardoya have learnt that going up can always be a delicate operation. Anchors must be secured and all the safety measures need to be in placed, in order to push the ground up while feet remain on the floor. Also you need to shed light on that new level, which had been kept unknown to the moment.

This new edition of De los Pies a la Cabeza took place in the evening of a day, November 21st, which had been really extraordinary for our association (soon we will share the story behind this and reveal where we spent that very same morning). At Otis we delivered our motivational conference in front of 25 professionals who had just been promoted to a new middle-level management position; together with the frenzies of adjusting to that new scenario, somehow bigger and more demanding, they were experimenting the uneasiness of becoming a boss for all those who used to be your job-mates.

Hope we have been able to inspire them in the commitment to always thrive for our best and the bravery to believe in themselves more than the ghosts we all hold inside. It never was about being best in the world, but being as good as we can possibly be.


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