Proffesionals training professionals

Not even three months after our last visit, ‘De los pies a la cabeza’ was back in Logroño to open a day devoted to Professional Training in La Rioja. An event held at the magnificent Riojafórum auditorium, the best possible backdrop to mark the 100th edition of our motivational conference model.

A generous complicity awaited our proposal amongst an audience comprised of educators, trainers, authorities and a variety of officers and managers from institutions, educational programmes, foundations and companies dedicated to professional training. And students themselves, of course. In this moment of social uncertainties, particularly around employment, Professional Training has at last got rid of old cliches and really presents itself as a path to labour market for young and not so young people. In it they can also find the way to real success, the kind of success really worthy to strive for: happiness.

All of those are messages held in the spirit that ‘De los pies a la cabeza’ always wants to communicate: it is time to drop tags once and for all, aspire to the best version of ourselves and value what we have, not what we are lacking. For that is the path to real success, the kind that lies within. Our success is now incarnated in round numbers: 100 conferences, 100 opportunities to show it is still possible to reverse the course of a river. In such a task we shall perservere.


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