Seguros de ser saludables

It is well known that DKV insures health. Likewise, it should be known even better that doing so is only vocational in their case, since they lead by example. Frequently awarded for their good corporate practices, both internal and externally, professionals at DKV enjoy the company’s very-well regarded facilities. That atmosphere boosted the successful conference that ‘De los Pies a la Cabeza’ delivered at their multi-purpose central offices in Zaragoza.
DKV’s employees and a general audience gathered and filled the available capacity for the event: more than 100 people turned up and produced a framework of complicity, something luckily usual for this event: a model of conference born from the heart and aimed to the heart of all.
Ours is a healthy proposal, indeed. That we have always known for sure but every new occasion –and there have already been 94 in front of some 16.000 people- reaffirms that certainty.

Conferencia motivacional DKV delospiesalacabeza


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